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Site Updates

  • Added Sheffield Stereochemistry meeting, Faculty & Staff Sexual Harassment conference, and Dial-a-Molecule: Enabling Technologies and Low-Cost Automation (so excited!) to the Conferences page.
  • Mobile-only: fixed broken anchor and neatened the footer
  • Dial-a-Molecule: Enabling Technologies for Synthesis, and a series of Scientific Update international conferences added to the Conference Database
  • Added SCI Annual Review Meeting to the Conference Database
  • Added AstaTech, Apollo Scientific, Cambridge Isotope Labs, Digital Specialty Chemicals, Matrix Scientific, SynQuest, Tocris, and Umicore to Chemical Vendor Search
  • Added the AI-powered reaction prediction tool IBM RXN to the Interesting tab of Links
  • Update to the character map
  • Updated About page to describe my current professional activities, and include my position on the SCI Younger Chemists' Panel
  • Added Enamine and Johnson Matthey (UK only) to Chemical Vendor Search
  • Added asterism and the new science emoji from Emoji 11.0 to character map
  • Added SUPR@Lyon to Conference Database
  • Added Catalysis Summer School in Liverpool and Erlangen Women in Science Symposium to Conference Database
  • Added new conferences including Frontiers in Chemistry Armenia, Scientific Update Organometallic Chemistry, and UkQSAR to Conference Database
  • Added SCRE to the Writing and Presentation Tools section of Links
  • Slight aesthetic changes to the sidebar
  • Updated sidebar with RSS and Ko-fi links
  • Updated Contact page (mobile only)
  • Added SCI Organocatalysis, SCI Spotlight on Photoredox Catalysis and Photochemistry, and RSC Cambridge ISSOC2019 to Conference Database
  • Added SCI Careers for Early Career Researchers, SCI Chemistry for Non-Chemists, and other new meetings to Conference Database
  • Added Character Map for easy copy/paste of special scientific characters
  • Update to About page description to reflect my awesome new job (same company, just moved labs and work with cool robots now)
  • New additions to the Conference Database: ISMSC and RSC organic division poster symposium
  • Aesthetic changes to About page
  • Fixed JavaScript bug causing out-of-page anchor links to fail
  • Added One Million Women to Tech volunteer work to the About page
  • Added the Swiss Chemical Society's AI in Chemical Research conference (free) to the Conference Database
  • Minor aesthetic change to Conference Database
  • Added EaStCHEM Early Career Researcher Conference to the Conference Database
  • Removed Ark Pharm from the US Chemical Vendor search engine for... strange reasons
  • Updated Conference Database
  • Created RSS feed
  • Added extra links to fill Home page whitespace on large screens
  • Several new events added to the Conference Database
  • Fixed broken encrypted email link on Conference Database
  • Secure HTTPS support complete. An external issue made it take a few days!
  • Added A Sideways Look At Synthesis to the Articles page
  • Registered for two conferences! Added to Conferences Attended page
  • Updated Conference Database
  • Started to add HTTPS support (waiting for security certificate generation)
  • Added Conference Database page
  • Link to my ChemDraw article added on Links page
  • Added Dr Stu Cantrill's invaluable thoughts on Constructing an Abstract to the Links page
  • Added the ACS's Med Chem Tips and Tricks to the Links page
  • Brought easy link buttons on the About page into the 21st century
  • Added specific mobile support for the easy link buttons on the About page
  • Fixed table styles competing with sidebar aesthetics
  • Tables appear better on mobile devices
  • Update to brag that the Oxford University Scientific Society Facebook page now has 200,000 likes.
  • Added easy link buttons to the About page
  • Custom stylesheet for elegant tabular data
  • Added list of Conferences Attended
  • Chemical Vendor Search tool added to the articles page (was already linked on top bar)
  • Improved cross-browser support with normalize.css
  • Articles page view improved on extra-large screens
  • Added 25 Chemists you should follow on Twitter article
  • Added to the links page
  • Actually fixed about page picture failing to float right on very large screens
  • Changelog link added to sidebar
  • Minor aesthetic changes to homepage and changelog
  • Started this log of site updates
  • Added Open Graph meta tags for improved link sharing
  • Fixed about page picture failing to float right on very large screens (I think)
  • Added filter options to articles page
  • Favicon support for all devices
  • Added Think Pink with ChemDraw article, and featured it on the homepage

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