Nessa the Chemist


Non-repeating Wiley feeds

Wiley journals have had frustrating issues with articles being repeated several times, clogging up feed readers and taking up chemists' time. This is the opposite of what we need with the modern literature!

I teamed up with Khoi Van to create a set of feeds that don't feature the frustrating repeats, using Python (my bit) and GitHub Actions (his bit).

Just copy and paste the following feed links into your RSS reader:

Angew Chem Int Ed:

Adv Mater:

Adv Synth Catal:


Chem Eur J:

Eur J Org Chem:

Wiley has stated that their native RSS feeds don't contain repeats at any given time - it's just that they repost each time an article moves between publication stages, eg: Early View to fully-published, and delete the old item. However, this isn't how RSS feeds work...

Every so often, the source feeds change, which causes mine to start repeating again (but never more than the originals!). If you see this, please let me know.

Need another Wiley journal that's free from repeats? Email me.