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Nessa Carson is a professional organic chemist, now working with laboratory data and digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry in northern England.

My background is in synthetic organic chemistry and high-throughput experimentation using laboratory automation (robots). To complement my organic chemistry and digital chemistry experience, I like to get involved with other science-related projects. I wrote this website starting in 2017, to teach myself CSS and JavaScript, and followed up by learning about Python and R. The site's purpose is as a repository for content I think is useful, mostly to scientists. I keep a database of upcoming conferences in organic chemistry, and a handy chemical vendor search. Luigi da Vià and I curate a Peeriodicals overlay journal, High-Throughput Automation in R&D (subscribe via email or RSS). I also host two Twitterbots: @ChemPostdocBot, which shares chemistry postdoc jobs around the world, and @ukchemjobs, which keeps an eye on the UK chemistry job market. For fun, you can also check out all the elements I've ever used in my time as a chemist (and make your own interactive checklist) here. I also write poetry.

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