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Nessa Carson: About

Nessa Carson is a professional synthetic organic chemist working with laboratory automation (robots) to do high-throughput screening for drug discovery in south-east England.

I am also the Vice President and Team Leader of Oxford University Scientific Society. Other than organic chemistry, I like to get involved with a number of other science-related projects. A computer scientist friend told me that the best way to learn to code was to start with markup by producing a personal website. I then wrote this website without prior knowledge of CSS or JavaScript. The site's purpose is as a repository for content I think is useful, mostly to scientists. I keep a database of upcoming conferences in organic chemistry. I also write poetry.

Nessa Carson

Projects I'm working on

Oxford University Scientific Society

I am the Team Leader and Vice President of OUSS, the world's oldest student scientific society, founded in 1882. As well as coordinating team activities and liasing with the committee and members, I am responsible for inviting internationally-renowned scientists to share their knowledge with us in the form of seminars. I am committed to ensuring that talks remain open to the general public, in keeping with our mission statement, "for the public dissemination of science". I also maintain the Facebook page (>200,000 likes).

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Freelance Writing

I write science-based magazine articles for technical audiences. I have a regular column, Organic Matter, in the Royal Society of Chemistry's magazine Chemistry World. See all my articles here. Please also contact me for my editing rates.

1 Million Women to Tech

One Million Women to Tech

One Million Women to Tech's mission is to offer free coding education to a million women by 2020. I am a volunteer for their 2018 Summer of Tech, working on global marketing and contributing my editing skills.