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Research Tools

Chemistry Reference ResolverChemistry Reference Resolver

Chemistry Reference Resolver

Alex Zhurakovskyi's unmissable tool allows fast access to papers simply by typing in the reference or DOI. Also supports MSDS and Sigma-Aldrich reagent search.

MendeleyImage: books by Abdo from the Noun Project


Mendeley is (amongst other things) a versatile reference manager. Store, organize, and easily cite as many papers as you need. Ensure you download the desktop version, MS Word or LibreOffice plugin, and particularly the bookmarkable web importer.

Chemical Vendor SearchChemical Vendor Search

Chemical Vendor Search

I made this tool to save me time searching multiple vendor sites for chemicals. Works best by typing in the CAS number. Powered by Google, so check any missing vendors' websites in case the products are non-indexed. There's also a US version.

nmrpeaks.comICL ROAR Resource Links

ICL ROAR Resource Links

A list of digital resources, handpicked by the ROAR team at Imperial College London. Learning resources on automation and related topics in chemistry.

If you can't identify a peak in your NMR, type in its frequency (and multiplicity if desired). This handy web and iOS tool will give you a list of suspected impurities. Works for many common solvents, for 1H and 13C NMR.

Chemistry Tips & TricksChemistry Tips & Tricks

Chemistry Tips & Tricks

Titled Med Chem Tips and Tricks, this page from the ACS contains useful tricks for any kind of synthetic organic chemist, particularly those based in industry. There's probably something on there you didn't know already!

Not Voodoo XNot Voodoo X

Not Voodoo X

Tips and tricks for new researchers, and some that might be news to an old hand too. The workup section is not to be missed.

Melanie Sanford groupMelanie Sanford group

Sanford Group Handbook

Melanie Sanford (University of Michigan)'s group handbook is one of the best there is, and it's publicly-available. Contains handy safety tips, and a comprehensive glassware cleaning section.

Boiling Point CalculatorImage: Kettle by Jennifer Maestas from the Noun Project

Boiling Point Calculator

A simple tool to approximate a boiling point at a given pressure, given a reference boiling point (and pressure). Created by Witek Mozga.

Reference Tools

Organic Chemistry InfoOrganic Chemistry Info

Organic Chemistry Info

Created by Prof Hans Reich from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this reference contains NMR reference data, A-value tables, Mayr reactivity scales, and much more. The most valuable section by far is the Bordwell pKa tables.

Chemistry by DesignChemistry by Design

Chemistry by Design

View and test your skills on a database of total syntheses. Also available as an Android and iDevice app - unfortunately, an active Internet connection is required.



A searchable database of total syntheses.

Writing and Presentation Tools

Automatic Compound NumberingAutomatic Compound Numbering

Automatic Compound Numbering

How to use cross-referencing to make numbers for chemical compounds update automatically in MS Word. Devised by Prof Margaret Scheuermann (Western Washington University).

SCRE (System for Characterizing and Reporting Easily)SCRE

SCRE (System for Characterizing and Reporting Easily)

A useful Excel-based tool to centralize all characterization information for your compounds and generate a standardized SI- or thesis-ready report. Made by researchers at ICIQ.

Totally Synthetic ChemDraw StyleSheetTotally Synthetic ChemDraw stylesheet by Paul Docherty

ChemDraw Stylesheets

The cult favourite ChemDraw stylesheet by Paul Docherty, originally posted on his site Totally Synthetic (no longer updated). Click here to download, and save the file in your ChemDraw Items folder.

ChemDraw TipsChemdraw Tips

ChemDraw Tips and Shortcuts

Some of my ChemDraw tips. Useful for beginners and those less familiar with time-saving shortcut keys.

Chem-Station templatesChem-Station templates/span>

Chem-Station templates

Easy toolbar-access ChemDraw templates for hard-to-draw structures, including common metal catalysts, organocatalysts, and photoredox catalysts.

ChemDraw HotkeysImage: Benzene Lightning by Joey Sabey from the Noun Project

Souped-Up ChemDraw Hotkeys

Dr Alex Goldberg produced this life-changing extended hotkey set for ChemDraw. Click on this link, and download the file as hotkeys.xml into the ChemDraw Items folder. Click here to see the additions. No longer life-changing from Version 17 as similar are now implemented by default.

Character MapCharacter Map

Character Map

A handy set of special scientific characters to copy & paste. Possibly better than memorizing all their alt codes.

Chemistry DictionaryChemistry Dictionary

Chemistry Dictionary

Sick of red wavy lines under everything you write? Professor Adam Azman's 104,000-word Chemistry Dictionary for Microsoft Word will put an end to that. Autocorrect will start doing your bidding instead of recasting aminal as animal for the hundredth time.

Seminar on SeminarsSeminar on Seminars

Seminar on Seminars

Ken Suslick (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)'s popular presentation on how to make effective presentation slides.

Constructing an AbstractConstructing an Abstract

How to Construct an Abstract

Dr Stu Cantrill (aka The Cantrill) of Nature Chemistry has put together a must-see recipe for how to write an abstract for any kind of scientific paper.

Paper RaterFree Paper Grader

Paper Rater

More than a spellchecker: this free tool analyses vocabulary, grammar, and sentence length, without falling into the usual MS Word traps.


My highlighted periodic tableHighlightable periodic table

Highlightable periodic table

I made an offline script so you can create your own highlighted periodic table in Microsoft Excel. I've been using it as a checklist of all the elements I've ever used in the lab!

Podcast: the Periodic BagelThe Periodic Bagel podcast

The Periodic Bagel podcast

Podcast of fun chemist interviews and epic bantz, created by Chemjobber and Alex Goldberg.

IBM RXN logoIBM RXN logo


IBM RXN is an AI-driven reaction prediction tool. Input your reactants, and if you wish, reagents (eg: Pd) to see the AI-predicted products and a confidence percentage.

Oxford University Scientific Society logoOUSS logo

Oxford University Scientific Society

OUSS is the world's oldest, student-run scientific society. You don't have to be a student or academia to be a part of it. Check out their popular Facebook page full of interesting science content.