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15 Apr 2022
22 Jan 2022
  • Enabled filtering of the conference database by topic
  • Added 177 conferences to the conference database
18 Dec 2021
  • The conference database archive now shows in reverse chronological order
12 Jun 2021
  • Updated the Privacy Policy page to be more visible on mobile with no changes to content or policies
  • Small update to About page
30 May 2021
  • Added the HTE resource tab to the 'links' page, with 33 small-molecule, high-throughput experimentation resources + a link to the HTE Peeriodicals
  • Fixed JavaScript to allow direct links to tabs on the Activity and Links pages
29 May 2021
30 Dec 2020

SuperScienceGrl is 3 years old (tomorrow)! I can't honestly remember how it looked when it was launched. But it's been fun, it taught me CSS and JavaScript right from the start, and since then I've started using Python to update some parts programmatically. Looks like I'm still learning from it, as today I took some time to learn about Sass, and switch my CSS over to Sass to make it more readable and updatable.

  • I've pushed a homepage update. I was never quite sure what to do with the homepage, until now when I've tied it in more with the popular style of personal website at the moment. I plan on adding more sections. I've not advertised it widely because it has my face on it. But there it is
  • The online chemistry calendar is now over, having featured 1244 webinars, conferences, and training courses (Apr–Sep 2020). It led out its full intended run up to Sep 2020, and its functionality and remaining content has now been ported over to, which is a global, crowdsourced site, run by MIT academics
  • As mentioned, I switched all my CSS over to .scss files with Sass. If I did it right, you won't see a change from this (apart from one very slight colour change to make things harmonious)
  • Updated Chemical Vendor Search pages for prettiness, and corrected URL in the UK page's omnibar search string
  • Consolidated Chemical Vendor Search for both countries on top bar, and added the new online chemistry event calendar
  • Added an online calendar for chemistry events during the Covid19 pandemic
  • Linked to my latest article in Chemistry World: A day in the lab
  • I'm working on marketing for the Royal Society of Chemistry's massive Twitter-based conference, #RSCposter. Last year, over 3000 researchers took part, with their posters and conversations seen by over 2 million people globally. The conference is held online over 24 h. Register, and find out more here!
  • Added a Coding section to the Links page
  • I've added more vendors to the Chemical Vendor Search
  • Many additions to the Conference Database
  • Added my public and academic talks to the Activity page
  • Added The Periodic Bagel to the Links page
  • Linked to ICL ROAR's helpful digital resource page, from the Links page
  • Added SLAS conferences and others to the Conference Database
  • Added LGBT STEM Leaders (student conference), Kingston Synthesis & Drug Discovery Symposium, and 2nd Alpine Winter Conference on Medicinal & Synthetic Chemistry to the Conference Database
  • Updated the Conference Database with BMCS events, the London Nature career fair, and online conference Wonder Women in STEM
  • I've uploaded a link to my new Chemistry World article, discussing "who is a scientist, anyway?"
  • Also added some upcoming conferences I'm organizing to the Activity page. Register now for the RSC HSG 34th Postgraduate Symposium and the 26th SCI Annual Review Meeting (Enabling Technologies)!
  • Planning your calendar for 2020? I've just added loads of new conferences to the Conference Database
  • Added a link to my GitHub profile to the sidebar and top icon bar
  • Added ChemShip 2019, NSFC-RSC Symposium on Sustainable Chemistry and Processes, Chemistry Networks: Focus on AI and Machine Learning, and New Frontiers in Synthetic Chemistry to the Conference Database
  • Updated the About page to reflect my kickass new job!
  • Added a link to my interactive, highlightable periodic table. I use it to keep a checklist of all the elements I've used during my time as a chemist!
  • Added the ability to automatically search from the Google Chrome Omnibox using the Chemical Vendor Search tools to the CVS and CVS USA pages
  • Added η and κ to the Character Map, after I myself needed them for compound names this week and found them absent. Now it's more inclusive of inorganickers…
  • Back end: updated the contact email encryption so it works better in 2019... sigh
  • Added Electrochem 2019, SLAS Advanced 3D Human Models, BMCS Postgrad Symposium, ICMSE 2019, AGRI-Net Plant Chem Bio Conference, and Twenty Years of the Rule of Five to the Conference Database
  • Added cosine's easy-install set of ChemDraw templates to the links page
  • Added a list of all the events I've ever organized to my Activity (CV) page
  • Linked to my UK chemistry jobs social Twitterbot on the About page
  • Added Organic Chemistry & the Synthesis of Complex Molecules, ISySyCat2019, and many SCI events to the Conference Database
  • Added my new article Are You Reading Me?, about life's constant struggle to keep up with the literature
  • Added Pride in STEM research showcase to the Conferences page
  • Minor changes to the Chemical Vendor Search pages
  • Updated About page to reflect my current projects
  • Cleaned up some of the CSS in the background
  • Some pages now look better on mobile devices!
  • Added a whole host of 2019 meetings to the Conferences page
  • Added 2nd Molecules Med Chem Symposium to the Conferences page
  • Added Sheffield Stereochemistry meeting, Faculty & Staff Sexual Harassment conference, and Dial-a-Molecule: Enabling Technologies and Low-Cost Automation (so excited!) to the Conferences page
  • Mobile-only: fixed broken anchor and neatened the footer
  • Dial-a-Molecule: Enabling Technologies for Synthesis, and a series of Scientific Update international conferences added to the Conference Database
  • Added SCI Annual Review Meeting to the Conference Database
  • Added AstaTech, Apollo Scientific, Cambridge Isotope Labs, Digital Specialty Chemicals, Matrix Scientific, SynQuest, Tocris, and Umicore to Chemical Vendor Search
  • Added the AI-powered reaction prediction tool IBM RXN to the Interesting tab of Links
  • Update to the character map
  • Updated About page to describe my current professional activities, and include my position on the SCI Younger Chemists' Panel
  • Added Enamine and Johnson Matthey (UK only) to Chemical Vendor Search
  • Added asterism and the new science emoji from Emoji 11.0 to character map
  • Added SUPR@Lyon to Conference Database
  • Added Catalysis Summer School in Liverpool and Erlangen Women in Science Symposium to Conference Database
  • Added new conferences including Frontiers in Chemistry Armenia, Scientific Update Organometallic Chemistry, and UkQSAR to Conference Database
  • Added SCRE to the Writing and Presentation Tools section of Links
  • Slight aesthetic changes to the sidebar
  • Updated sidebar with RSS and Ko-fi links
  • Updated Contact page (mobile only)
  • Added SCI Organocatalysis, SCI Spotlight on Photoredox Catalysis and Photochemistry, and RSC Cambridge ISSOC2019 to Conference Database
  • Added SCI Careers for Early Career Researchers, SCI Chemistry for Non-Chemists, and other new meetings to Conference Database
  • Added Character Map for easy copy/paste of special scientific characters
  • Update to About page description to reflect my awesome new job (same company, just moved labs and work with cool robots now)
  • New additions to the Conference Database: ISMSC and RSC organic division poster symposium
  • Aesthetic changes to About page
  • Fixed JavaScript bug causing out-of-page anchor links to fail
  • Added One Million Women to Tech volunteer work to the About page
  • Added the Swiss Chemical Society's AI in Chemical Research conference (free) to the Conference Database
  • Minor aesthetic change to Conference Database
    < li>Added EaStCHEM Early Career Researcher Conference to the Conference Database
  • Removed Ark Pharm from the US Chemical Vendor search engine for... strange reasons
  • Updated Conference Database
  • Created RSS feed
  • Added extra links to fill Home page whitespace on large screens
  • Several new events added to the Conference Database
  • Fixed broken encrypted email link on Conference Database
  • Secure HTTPS support complete. An external issue made it take a few days!
  • Added A Sideways Look At Synthesis to the Articles page
  • Registered for two conferences! Added to Conferences Attended page
  • Updated Conference Database
  • Started to add HTTPS support (waiting for security certificate generation)
  • Added Conference Database page
  • Link to my ChemDraw article added on Links page
  • Added Dr Stu Cantrill's invaluable thoughts on Constructing an Abstract to the Links page
  • Added the ACS's Med Chem Tips and Tricks to the Links page
  • Brought easy link buttons on the About page into the 21st century
  • Added specific mobile support for the easy link buttons on the About page
  • Fixed table styles competing with sidebar aesthetics
  • Tables appear better on mobile devices
  • Update to brag that the Oxford University Scientific Society Facebook page now has 200,000 likes.
  • Added easy link buttons to the About page
  • Custom stylesheet for elegant tabular data
  • Added list of Conferences Attended
  • Chemical Vendor Search tool added to the articles page (was already linked on top bar)
  • Improved cross-browser support with normalize.css
  • Articles page view improved on extra-large screens
  • Added 25 Chemists you should follow on Twitter article
  • Added to the links page
  • Actually fixed about page picture failing to float right on very large screens
  • Changelog link added to sidebar
  • Minor aesthetic changes to homepage and changelog
  • Started this log of site updates
  • Added Open Graph meta tags for improved link sharing
  • Fixed about page picture failing to float right on very large screens (I think)
  • Added filter options to articles page
  • Favicon support for all devices
  • Added Think Pink with ChemDraw article, and featured it on the homepage

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