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Event organization

A list of events I've organized or helped to organize.
OUSS = Oxford University Scientific Society

Date Speaker/Title Topic
12/2019 26th SCI Annual Review Meeting
"Catalysis and Enabling Technologies for Synthesis"
09/2019 RSC HSG 34th Postgraduate Symposium
Two plenary speakers and 8 postgraduate research talks, as well as flash presentations & poster session, held at AstraZeneca Macclesfield
05/2019 RSC HSG: 24th Grasmere Heterocyclic Symposium
Five-day RSC organic chemistry conference with international plenary speakers
02/2019 Dr Suzie Sheehy, Oxford University Particle physics
(OUSS) Particle accelerators: from curiosity-driven research to life-changing technology
01/2019 Dr Katherine Wheelhouse, GSK Chemistry
(OUSS) Don’t process chemists just make things bigger?
11/2018 Prof Varinder Aggarwal, Bristol University Chemistry
(OUSS) Organic synthesis in the 21st century, and why fish is always served with a slice of lemon
11/2018 Prof Brad Gibson, University of Hull Astrophysics
(OUSS) The death of planet Earth
11/2018 Dr Elsa Sotiriadis, the Biofuturist Biology
(OUSS) How biology became the next great software revolution
11/2018 Prof Chris Fairburn, Oxford NHS Trust Psychiatry
(OUSS) Developing effective psychological treatments
10/2018 Prof Richard Barker, New Medicine Partners Biomedical sciences
(OUSS) Bioscience: lost in translation?
10/2018 Prof J Doyne Farmer, Oxford University Economics
(OUSS) Prediction in economics and elsewhere
10/2018 Richard Dinan, Applied Fusion Systems Engineering
(OUSS) Will fusion reactors power space rockets?
05/2018 Dr Josh Mouland, Manchester University Biology
(OUSS) How light affects our internal body clocks
05/2018 Prof Steve Goldup, University of Southampton Chemistry
(OUSS) Nanoscale machinery: from molecular machines to molecular asymmetry
04/2018 Liz Parrish, BioViva Sciences Gerontology
(OUSS) The woman who wants to genetically engineer you: gene and cell therapies to cure ageing
03/2018 Prof Anders Sandberg, Oxford University Physics
(OUSS) Physical eschatology: what can we say about the far future?
02/2018 Libby Jackson, UK Space Agency Engineering
(OUSS) Humans in space: what’s next?
02/2018 Prof Jane McKeating, Oxford University Biology
(OUSS) Oxygen tension regulates hepatitis virus replication & pathology
02/2018 Dr Richard Smith, British Medical Journal Science
(OUSS) The many defects in how we publish science
02/2018 TOAD distillery
(OUSS) Field trip
01/2018 Dr Claire Patterson, AstraZeneca Biopharmaceutics
(OUSS) A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down?
01/2018 Dr Fabrizio Schifano, University of Hertfordshire Chemistry
(OUSS) Recent changes in drug scenarios and cognitive enhancers
11/2017 Dr Colin Wright, Solipsys Ltd Mathematics
(OUSS) Juggling: theory and practice
10/2017 Prof Terezinha Nunes, Oxford University Psychology
(OUSS) Using mathematics to understand the world
10/2017 Prof Wade Allison, Oxford University Physics
(OUSS) Trust, energy, and the environment – nuclear, please, 24/7!
2016 Cotton & Wilkinson student seminar series Chemistry
A series of 18 talks over 9 evenings, on the chemistry of transition metal elements
05/2013 Dr Eric Werner, Oxford University Biology
(OUSS) Cancer Networks
05/2013 Prof Lloyd Peck, British Antarctic Survey Zoology
(OUSS) Life in the frozen state
05/2013 Dr June McCombie MBE, Nottingham University Science
Women's Lecture: Making the invisible visible
05/2013 Prof Joe Sweeney, University of Huddersfield Chemistry
(OUSS) Big bad pharma
04/2013 Prof Chris Cooper, University of Essex Biochemistry
(OUSS) The science behind drugs and doping in sport
02/2013 Prof Sir John Meurig Thomas, Cambridge University Science
(OUSS) Unpredictability and change in science and technology
02/2013 Prof Gero Miesenböck, Oxford University Neuroscience
(OUSS) Optogenetics in neuroscience
02/2013 Gary Taubes (author),
Prof Philip James, World Obesity Federation,
Prof Sir Richard Peto, Oxford University
(OUSS) Sloth, gluttony, or hormones? This house believes that hormones, not calories, make us fat (debate)
02/2013 Prof Rob Stockman, Nottingham University Chemistry
(OUSS) From chemical weapons to chemotherapy
02/2013 Prof Hugh Hunt, Cambridge University Mathematics
(OUSS) Boomerangs, bouncing balls, and spinning things
01/2013 Neuroskeptic (blogger) Neuroscience
(OUSS) Getting the brain wrong
01/2013 Prof Steve Jones, UCL Biology
(OUSS) The joy of sects: rewriting the Bible as a scientific textbook
01/2013 Jessica Richman, uBiome Genetics
(OUSS) uBiome: Sequencing the human microbiome through citizen science
11/2012 Prof Sir David Baulcombe, Cambridge University Genetics
(OUSS) The dark matter of genetics
11/2012 Dr Harry Witchel, Brighton & Sussex Medical School Psychology
(OUSS) Reading the body language of engagement
11/2012 Dr Mark Oxborrow, National Physical Laboratory Physics
(OUSS) Maser (microwave laser) at room temperature for the first time
10/2012 Lord Ronald Oxburgh, House of Lords Technology
(OUSS) Energy for all – but from where?
10/2012 Mark Henderson, Wellcome Trust
George Monbiot, The Guardian
Tracy Brown, Sense About Science
(OUSS) The Geek Manifesto (panel discussion)
10/2012 Prof Ian Fleming, Cambridge University Chemistry
(OUSS) Short cuts: anecdotes from a research career
10/2012 Prof Kieran Clarke, Oxford University Biochemistry
(OUSS) A new fuel source for a human body
06/2012 Chemistry at the Garden Chemistry
Oxford Botanic Garden: audio trail and scientific poster session
06/2012 Manchester Girl Geeks @ MOSI Mathematics
Mathematical origami
06/2012 Manchester Girl Geeks @ Manchester Mela Mathematics
Mathematical origami
05/2012 Prof David Nutt, Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs Pharmacology
(OUSS) How the current drug laws hold back science
05/2012 Andrew Hanson, National Physical Laboratory Physics
(OUSS) Confounding colour curiosities: the science of seeing colour
05/2012 Prof Marian Dawkins, Oxford University Zoology
(OUSS) Optical flow, collective behaviour, and animal welfare
05/2012 Dr Alison Foster, Oxford University Botany/chemistry
(OUSS) The botanic garden: your modern medicine cabinet
04/2012 Dr Aubrey de Grey, SENS
Prof Colin Blakemore, Oxford University
Prof Sir Richard Peto, Oxford University
(OUSS) This house wants to defeat ageing entirely (debate)
03/2012 Dr Mark Briffa, Plymouth University Zoology
(OUSS) Personality – and a bit of aggression – in marine invertebrates
03/2012 Oxfordshire Science Festival
One-day festival
02/2012 Prof Kevin Warwick, Reading University Robotics
(OUSS) Human enhancement: a user’s guide
02/2012 Dr Susan Ozanne, Cambridge University Biology
(OUSS) You are what your mother ate: the developmental origins of Type 2 diabetes
02/2012 Prof Alison Smith, Cambridge University Bioengineering
(OUSS) Algal biofuels: prospects for green (and brown and red) energy
02/2012 Dr Susanne Shultz, Oxford University Zoology
(OUSS) Primate social evolution: new perspectives on an old question
02/2012 Dr Peter Wothers, Cambridge University Chemistry
(OUSS) Gods, devils, and alcohol: their influence in chemical nomenclature
01/2012 Dr Michael de Podesta, National Physical Laboratory Metrology
(OUSS) How do you really know what the temperature is?
01/2012 Prof Steve Jones, UCL Biology
(OUSS) Incest and folk dancing: two things to avoid
01/2012 Oxford Climate Forum
Two-day conference
11/2011 Prof Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Oxford University Astrophysics
(OUSS) Will the world end in 2012? The astronomical evidence
11/2011 Royal Institution Science Societies' Dinner
Cross-society dinner, with guests of honour Prof Sir Paul Nurse, Sir Roland Jackson, Prof Kevin Warwick, and Prince Edward
11/2011 Mark Lynas Science
(OUSS) Why scientists should take over the world
11/2011 Rev Ron Lancaster, Kimbolton Fireworks Chemistry
(OUSS) Fireworks: Principles and Practice
10/2011 Laurie Winkless, National Physical Laboratory Physics
(OUSS) Energy harvesting: raiders of the lost amp
10/2011 Dr Chris Faulkes, QMUL Zoology
(OUSS) Biodiversity and sociality in African mole rats: an evolutionary perspective
10/2011 Dr Andrew Pontzen, Oxford University Physics
(OUSS) What is cold dark matter? And is it heating up?
03/2010 Oxfordshire Science Festival
One-day festival


Conferences Attended

A list of conferences I've attended, and those I've registered for soon.
= invited speaker, = organizer

Conference title Date Location
SCI Annual Review Meeting 2019 12/2019 London, UK
UKASF 2019 11/2019 Glasgow, UK
New Synthetic Methods II 10/2019 London, UK
RSC HSG Postgraduate Symposium 09/2019 Macclesfield, UK
International Symposium on Synthesis in Organic Chemistry 07/2019 Cambridge, UK
ICIQ PhD Day 06/2019 Tarragona, Spain
Grasmere Symposium 2019 05/2019 Grasmere, UK
Nottingham Women in Chemistry 03/2019 Nottingham, UK
RSC Heterocyclic & Synthesis Group January meeting 01/2019 London, UK
SCI Annual Review Meeting 12/2018 London, UK
Challenges in Catalysis VI 11/2018 London, UK
Young Chemist in Industry 11/2018 Stevenage, UK
BOSS XVI 07/2018 Brussels, Belgium
Oxford Synthesis Summer Conference 06/2018 Oxford, UK
RSC-CICAG Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry 06/2018 London, UK
Bristol Synthesis Meeting 04/2018 Bristol, UK
Dial-A-Molecule: Predicting Reaction Outcomes 03/2018 Cambridge, UK
RSC Heterocyclic & Synthesis Group January meeting 01/2018 London, UK
SCI Annual Review Meeting 12/2017 London, UK
Dial-A-Molecule: Exploring 3D Space 11/2017 York, UK
International Symposium: Synthesis in Organic Chemistry 07/2017 Oxford, UK
Technology Ventures Conference: Impact of AI 06/2017 Cambridge, UK
OrgSyn 50 02/2017 Manchester, UK
UIUC Allerton Conference 11/2016 Champaign, IL, USA
UIUC Allerton Conference 11/2015 Champaign, IL, USA
ACS National Meeting 08/2015 Boston, MA, USA
International Symposium: Synthesis in Organic Chemistry 07/2015 Cambridge, UK
Page Lectures 07/2015 Huddersfield, UK
OMCOS 18 06/2015 Sitges, Spain
RSC North West Organic Division Meeting 05/2015 Liverpool, UK
UIUC Allerton Conference 11/2014 Champaign, IL, USA
UIUC Allerton Conference 11/2013 Champaign, IL, USA
ACS National Meeting 09/2013 Indianapolis, IN, USA
Bristol Synthesis Meeting 04/2013 Bristol, UK
ASE Annual Conference 01/2012 Liverpool, UK


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